What Does Radiant In-Floor Heating Cost?

One of the factors affecting the cost of an infloor radiant heating installation, is the method that will be used to heat the hot water.

On small to medium sized projects, we are often able to use your existing hot water heater. We install a radiant mixing panel next to the water heater, and pipe it so that the panel can take hot water from the tank, through a heat exchanger, to heat the floor. These waters do not come in contact with each other (known as a closed loop system) The cost of a radiant mixing panel, installed is approx. $4200.00.

With a larger project, a full boiler system must be installed that can heat your radiant, domestic hot water, pool, driveway, etc. A boiler room build will start at $7,500.00.

When a gypsum pour is required, there are some minimum costs involved to mobilize and set up a 4-man crew. The square footage costs are substantially higher on small areas.

Radiant heating systems that are installed during new construction, tend to be more cost effective. While retrofits can still be done, the price is usually slightly higher.

Below are a few examples of typical project costing.

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Example #1
Concrete basement floor of existing home: 12 x 24 room (288sq/ft)

Install Uponor fast Trak panels over concrete floor. Attach ½: Uponor tubing to panels, embed with 1 ½" gypsum cement, install radiant mixing panel.

Approximate cost: $11,300.00 or $39.00 per sq/ft

Example #2
Concrete basement floor of existing home: 1500 sq/ft

Install Uponor fast Trak panels, then tubing. Gypsum over pour, and radiant mixing panel.

Approximate cost: $22,300.00 or $14.86 per sq/ft

Example #3
Full basement, new construction: 1500 sq/ft

Install 2 ½" thick R10 foam panels, over gravel base. Install tubing to panels, and manifold. Concrete poured by builder. Install radiant mixing panel.

Approximate cost: $13,300.00 or $8.86 per sq/ft

Example #4
New home: 2000 sq/ft basement, 2000 sq/ft main floor, 2000 sq/ft second floor.

Basement install R10 panel method. First and second staple tubing down to plywood deck, install manifolds. Pour 1/5" of gypsum cement. Full boiler system with indirect hot water tank.

Approximate cost: $69,000.00 or $11.50 per sq/ft

Example #5
Underfloor heating to tile areas of main floor.

Loop ½" tubing between floor joists and attach up with pex stand off clips. Install reflective foil below to send heat upwards. Thermostat will control air temperature to provide warm tiles above.

Approximate cost: $11.00 - $ 17.00 per sq/ft

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